Services includes:

  • Primary market reaserch
    • Search for chinese factory(according to prices and requirments);
    • General terms and conditions for the requested goods;
    • Comparative marker analysis of suppliers from other countries(Russia, Europe, America)
  • Market analysis of logistics and customs:
    • The optimal route of delivery(price, time, reliability)
    • General advice on custom issues
    • Selection of the custom broker and logistic companies
  • Re-examing the market:
    • Conduct personal negotiations with chinese factories
    • Choose the final supplier, logistics, broker
  • Support of transaction:
    • Quality control in the production of goods and shipment
    • Ducumentary support
    • Obtaining the necessary documents allowing the russian federation(on the price certifying body)
    • General accounting advice.

Terms of payment:


  1.  3%(for the supply of 3,000,000 dollars) to 10%. According the complexity of goods and the cost of the annual supply.
  2. when cooperate for the first time,100% payment. In the second and after-50% in advance,50%- after all documents and shipping from China. Prepayment should be paid before a visit to the factory after approval of preliminary conditions of supply.
  3. minimum rate per shipment-$3,000