The company, who wants to cooperate with our clients is one of the top 3 largest companies on textiles in China. it combines five commodities: clothing (adults and children), shoes and accessories. Each season the company issues new collections, keeping track of all the fashion trends, and advertise in glossy magazines. In general, here is clothing for the youth and casual, business style, and  children's line. Some license with the symbols of things can not be exported, so the company signed a contract with well-known foreign brands. Clothing of different levels: economy-class with good quality and vip-class. The company have sessions for order to be made. Sessions are held on for 15 days during which a plenty of Chinese buyers are given the opportunity to touch, try on and make an order.  Ordering is done right there - in large rooms, on computers, through a special 'programmu. Foto' carrier and do not need to order online. Even after making an order, the information is not given in his hands.

Within 5-15 days after the end of the session, the company send contract (in Chinese) and a list of what is ordered. However, weight and material (which is very important for the Russian Customs) is not indicated. And there is no photo. The Chinese do not need it because they do not have to get customs clearance. we need to negotiate with the company. The company does not cooperate with foreigners, and the lack of the Chinese market. This is the biggest challenge. A lot of red tape, no rules, by which the company would work with the Russian.  No International Division, expected any time soon. The company is not very interested in the clients, the order of which is less than 5 million yuan a year (it is their internal rule). Management does not "flex" in the price, even if the crowd at the high fees and the fact that the goods should be promoted in Russia it is desirable for the same price as in China. They have an iron rule! Either agree or not. When working with the new customers,they are wary, you have to buy sample to try. If you go, then you can work on new collections. By the way, the managers does not speak in English at all, or speak very poorly. Therefore, all communication is conducted exclusively in Chinese. No one want Repack order (although there are plenty of goods in stock). You can take the boxes, and take away the box, you need to come and especially on the spot personally select from the system. Photos on Tap again was not allowed. Also, for the competent execution of all procedures it is necessary to use his import-export company, since the company does not supply brand abroad. If you have experience working with China and the Russian customs, it is easy to understand how difficult the process of buying from a Chinese fashion giant is. A customer from Central Russia was very interested in a large range for its shopping centers. To make contact with the company he was failed since the reasons described above. We have agents in this project. Understand clearly how the order, all subsequent work, as well as why there are problems with runoff, was only the second time our immediate stay in the company. In fact, a brief summary of the above. Arrangements were made with a company that allow us to participate in the Order of the autumn session of clothes from the new collection. No invitations we still were admitted. An order was made for 2 days. Then it's up to customers - selling quality goods at competitive Russian market. We help each other in every possible way.