Message from the director

Welcome to the homepage of xiaolong-group Company!

   Our company solves business problems associated with doing business in China or with China. First of all, we manage to supply goods, do market analysis of suppliers, quality control at each stage of production and do study on optimal supply chain. In addition, we provide services for delivery of goods, as well as comprehensive service projects (delivery, installation, staff training, warranty and post-warranty service). This is main business scope of our company, but we are always open to new challenges.


Indeed, the growing trade turnover between Russia and China made the intermediary companies evolve from a ‘crooked’ and ‘black’ supply to ‘the white’. Now our company is engaged with sound supply logistic, quality control at each stage, and the optimization of the entire supply chain.

  The basic principle of our company:”people work with people”. There would be a specific manager offer service for you. That is why our company pays great attention on employees. We offer our employees not only continuing education, training, corporate events, but also a convenient electronic system for managing projects, partnerships management system with administration and other contractors in China and Russia. But the most important thing is people! I am proud of my staff! They are the main fortune of the company. Things do not always go smoothly, but there must be a way to solve it. In any case, our company will be responsible since we come to realize that it is not only fun we learned to share with clients, but also help during tough time.

  Many pitfalls and you name it all. That is why our company’s head office is located in Shanghai, China, to constantly ”keep a finger on the pulse” and solve all the issues, knowing the mentality and the peculiarities of carrying out business in this multifaceted country. But I won’t know. You will find out when communicating with managers and me.

  I would to highlight another side of xiaolong group-Youth. This is our biggest advantage and the biggest drawback. Some would say that team with an average age of about 29 years old combined with experienced staff of more than 50 years, it is impossible to make a quality product. However, we prove that it is possible every day. You just need to ask our customers, suppliers, logistics, brokers, government in China and Russia, the answer is “They can do it”. And it’s true. Xiaolong Group is responsible for its words and values reputation. Customers come and stay! We grow together with them- this is the priority of our company!

  But before you sit down in a ship called “the business with China”, to see the potential of the storm, complexity, and can be immediately contemplate such a sweet sunrise, we know about your customers. We identifies your needs, understand the whole scheme of work to offer you the best solution. Our specialists are building a model of your business in China. If the model seems to be successful with all potential risks, ”raise the sails” and achieve the project together. If not, our specialists will find a solution to the problem, and perhaps associated with other countries. As the saying goes, ”Everything is done in China, and the whole business is worth having”.

 If you have any questions and there is a challenging project, feel free to contact any of the managers. Let us discuss, gather all the idea and make a solution!

 I propose an open dialogue with you!


BUSHUEV Konstantin, 小龙

                                        CEO of XiaoLong Group