General scheme of working


  Xiaolong group values its clients, our reputation and is proud of its employees. That's why our homepage is online business card, there are only a general idea of our job. Each project is special-the company's managers consider each request individually and carefully.


  Our company have two offices: in Shanghai and Moscow. Thus we reslove all the issues in China, and support the transaction in Russia and the CIS. We are growing fast, but still carefully choose our customers and business partners, employees. To know better about the need and requirements of our customers, each customer have a specific manager. All these issues are handled by a team of professinal managers, both in Moscow and Shanghai.


  After receipt of any request for consumer goods(FMCG) or equipment, our experts thoroughly investigate the market of suppliers in China, and make a comparative analysis of suppliers from Europe and Amecia. Then you will get a ready business plan. If you can see the benefits and understand all the risk involved, afterwards we start our cooperation. Only then will we sign a contract and begin financal transfers.