The company «Xiao Long Group» values its Clients , reputation and is proud of its employees. That's why our site is online business card. Here we show you a general idea of our work. For each of the major activities of the company, there are specialized sites.


The company has three offices: Shanghai, Moscow and Astana. The first - to solve all issues in China, the second and the third - for the transaction in Russia and the CIS. We’re growing and grow fast enough, but still very carefully choose our customers and business partners, employees. Each client has its own manager who knows all the needs and requirements. And work on the organization of the supply is performed by a team of professionals in Moscow, Astana and Shanghai. This sales  and project managers, specialists from  Department of Logistics and Customs, accounting and other employees.


After receipt of any request for Consumer Goods (FMCG) or supply of equipment, our experts thoroughly investigate the market of suppliers in China, and make a comparative analysis of suppliers from Europe and America. At last what you have in hands is completed business plan. If you see benefits in it and understand all the risks involved, then we start to cooperate. Only then will we sign a contract and begin financial transfers.


The company "XiaoLong Group" provides a full range of services related to international trade. It's a lot of things ranging from  goods selection for sale,  Providers’ market analysis, to delivery to the customer's warehouse, and advice on accounting and legal issues.


All services can be divided into several basic types:


  1. Deliveries "turn-key" - our company sells goods of your company based on the supply contract among Russian legal entities. Our company also gives  all contractual commitments and guarantees on goods. We organize the production of goods in China
  2. FEA outsourcing - the organization of the delivery of your goods to Russia. You choose the Producer, control all stages of production, and we’re in charge of all the logistics issues and customs clearance.
  3. Quality assurance - quality control at all stages of productionКонтроль качества - проверка качества на всех этапах производства
  4. Consultations on business with China - provide advice on the organization of supply, opening companies in China and Hong Kong , VAT refunds and other matters
  5. Shipments to China