Corporate gifts and souvenirs


Cooler bags

         Cooler bag-a great gift beloved by customers in the summer, so a famous company decided to launch a new loyalty program.


Client carefully chosen the gifts. There was originally 3 types of gifts, to the end, our company selected more than 10 different kind of gifts, from which the client choose 2 of the products. After receiving the samples(the primary products of factories) and made a final agreement on the only one item. Primary analyst included communication with 25 factoried from 4 different provinces of China(this is an internal company rule, to adequately and holistically assess the suppliers ).


      We chose three of the most reliable with optimal value factories to pay visits. 


   Streamline to the detal process, double-check the quality of each bag(factory and our company),coordinated work with the managers of factories and with a good price- the obvious advantages in terms of an order.


The client wanted the bag was able to be placed in six-pack of beer, but as in working we don't drink, so the spaciousness of the bag was checked by simple bottles:



   Goods still in transit, and we hope for a positive evaluation fromthe customer. This product from China in time was sent to Russia on the schedule, a set of documents for the customs office is ready and agreed upon. The client will receive the goods on time, at an attractive price (by the way amount of the order is lower than the minimum offer in Russian). His loyalty program will be carried out and bring him new customers and profits. Thus, the client will continue growing, and grow with our company. 'xiaolong group' company is aimed at long-term relationship!